Honest and trustworthy service and at a fraction of the cost of the dealer's service department!

Phoebe W. Portland, OR 9/18/2011



I've had 2 service's done by Apple and cannot say enough how happy I am with both the outcome and the value. Great mechanic and friendly guy.

Ed P. Vancouver, WA 4/08/2012



I initially went in for an engine swap. I was quoted a price and it ended up being a bigger job than I had thought. David still did it for the same price AND meticulously pointed out necessary additional things which he fixed, (he didn't have to) to assure the motor would run for a very long time. He literally saved me from the army of meth addict mobile mechanics out there, (I heard this from another ASE certified mechanic) who cause more problems than they fix. If you find him on Craigslist, and you've got a Subaru, you're in luck!

Cortland K. Battleground, WA. 4/11/2012


I'm very happy with my experience at Apple Automotive. David is a kind person, a great communicator, and very thorough in his approach. There were a lot of things my 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback could have done (it has 250,000 miles) but we distilled what were the most essential maintenance elements needed to keep it running for another 50,000+ miles. There was no pressure to do things that weren't crucial to the drive train and emissions. David and I worked through ways to save money where a dealership would likely throw in overpriced new parts. He even re-buffed my cloudy headlights. I will definitely go back to David and Apple Automotive for additional services in the future.

Ryan F. Portland, OR 5/7/2012



I have a '99 Forester that had blown a head gasket. However, I previously replaced the head gaskets only 10-months ago. However, the first time, I could not afford the full-rate shop rate to repair; so, a friend, who does car repair on the side, offered to do it for what I thought was a deal. But it did not last. After just 10-month, it blew again. I was very frustrated and about to junk the car, but I found out about David's Apple Automotive Subaru Head Gasket Repair Special. I was very impressed by David's extensive experience with Subaru Head Gaskets and that he provides his service at a lower cost. So I had him do it. David explained to me the complexity involved with properly retightening Subaru head bolts and showed me the problem with the previous work. Most important to me, David stands behind his work with solid warranty. The car runs great now and glad that I did not have to junk it. I highly recommend Apple Automotive for any Subaru repairs particularly the big jobs. David really knows his stuff!

Brad W. Brush Prairie, WA. 5/24/2012


I am NEVER going to another mechanic! I found David's ad on craigslist when I was looking for someone to do the head gasket replacement on my 2001 Outback. I was also having a issue with hesitation and a bad tie rod. I had quotes that were more than DOUBLE what David charged and he took the time to explain everything to me and tell me what work I DID NOT need! So many other places push for every possible item and over charge for everything. David is VERY honest and a really nice guy. He works out of the big garage at his house and does all of the work himself. I can not recommend him enough if you have a Subaru. Hands down the best interaction I have had with a mechanic in a very long time!

R. Sherman, Portland, OR 7/22/2012


What an amazing mechanic! David did my 99 Forester's head gaskets, and it runs better than ever. Honest, prompt, informative, everything you look for. Take your Subaru here!                                                                                                                                                   Henry K., Portland, OR


I drive up from Eugene, Oregon -- over two hours -- just to take my '03 Outback to David. I used to work on aircraft and have always lamented the fact that the majority of car mechanics I dealt with either had no clue what they were doing, or were dishonest. David rebuilt my engine when it had 250,000 miles on it, not only for a very fair price but with tons of attention to detail and full explanations of what he was doing, and I plan on making it to 500,000. That's more than worth the 5 hour round trip to his shop for me.

John A. Eugene, OR   3/28/13



Amazing prices!!! Looked for 6+ months to find someone to overhaul my Subaru engine. I found him on Craigslist and he was all that he claimed to be and more. Excellent service, very timely, and my car is running great. I waited about 3 months before this review to be absolutely certain, and I am 100% satisfied!

Billea S. Longview, WA 3/26/13



All the positive remarks the first reviewer made ---I go along with completely! I received much valuable info about my Subaru Legacy in the course of getting an oil and oil filter change. David explained one or two potential issues with the car in the future, and why there is no need act at this time. He took the time to answer all my questions in detail. Very reasonable charge for the service. I am SO GLAD to have found this mechanic.                                                                                                                           Ann R.  Vancouver, WA  5/5/2013

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 Some feedback over the years on Yelp

Text Box: I found Dave on Craigslist and went to him for replacing head gaskets on my Subaru. He was about $1500.00 less than what local auto repair shop had quoted me. He went above and beyond my expectations and explained all the repairs and work completed. I could not have been happier with the work done and would highly recommend to anyone.
Cari C. Washougal, WA 4/12/2012

My son's '99 Brighton wagon blew a cylinder (don't know exactly what) on his way home from OSU before Thanksgiving - expensive to fix no matter what.  We looked into our options and found David's Craigslist ad for a rebuilt 2.2L at a very reasonable price.  David helped us determine exactly which motor we had via email exchanges and had one "in stock" that he could rebuild for us so we drove up to meet him the day after Thanksgiving and check out his shop and decided to have him rebuild a motor for us which he did by Christmas break.  David is a very personable, honest guy with a passion for Subaru engines and was very open with tips and even gave us his own personal checklist for doing the engine swap and instructions for initial startup and break-in.  The new engine started right up and oil pressure behaved exactly as David said it would.  (We actually brought the old engine back to David in the back of the Brighton :c) We drove his recommended break-in, changed the oil and have just passed the 1K-mile mark and a second oil change - so I had to share my experience, appreciation and recommendations for David and his service.  Thanks David!

Tom J. Canby , OR  2/17/2014



If you're taking your Subaru someplace else for service, you're making a mistake.  David is a great guy to work with.  Candid, honest and a great value for what he does.  I had him do a motor rebuild on my '98 Outback.  It is perfect.  David doesn't try and sell you what you don't need.  I had to ask him to spend extra money on some extra parts.  Highly recommended.   Spencer R.  Turner, OR  12/04/2013.


Owner’s Response

To be fair and balanced, I am not perfect as these glowing reports would lead you to believe. I make mistakes, parts fail and other latent problems surface after a repair, making the technician look incompetent. If I make a mistake and it shows up on a test drive, I remedy it before the customer receives the car. I will always assume fault if the car exhibits like symptoms, even repairing related parts at no labor charge. I have extended my warranty beyond the one year written statement in several cases. I have had one negative review on Yelp but we were able to resolve the issue through third party mediation and the review was retracted. My goal is to retain 100% integrity and 100% of my customers.

David King